• Business Vision and ODBC

    Hi, We have Business Vision installed locally and we<d like to connect to the tables. Can we use ODBC^ Or any other way possible as long as we can pull data's. Not change only get information from it. Thanks Chris
  • Sage 50 Cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error (with error log)

    Upgraded SSD and tried to transfer files over. All the sage files work except for this one. How can I get support for this? Running on 2020 Sage 50 Pro Accounting. This is the error log I am getting: ----------------------------------------…
  • -1 on sales glitch

    Hello, I have encountered a glitch where I have an inventory item showing as -1 on sales in one of my locations. Does anyone know how to clear this back to zero? I can't find where this is coming from. Thank you John scan_20240603090730.p…
  • Looking for Sage 50 Accountant to help Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable balance does not match the Unpaid Invoices in the Data Integrity Window

    Hi, Looking for a Sage accounting specialist to help resolve Data Integrity issues. Cannot reconcile banking. Linked accounts, data base cleanup. Please contact me directly. Location- Kirkland, Montreal. Thanks, Dan Lariviere dlariviere…
  • Error Message when downloading from Sage Business Cloud into Sage 50 desktop

    How do we get rid of these error messages? - Transaction is too old. It cannot be processed.
  • How to adjust a duplicate payment to an invoice

    I recently paid an invoice through direct deposit, not realizing that our manager had already paid it using their visa card. The vendor doesn't have a refund policy, but we managed to reach an agreement with them. They agreed to consider the duplicate…
  • Historical Transactions window

    When I go to add Historical Transactions to Customers the window that pops up is called Historical Sales Invoice and it requires the items purchased and the account/s they would go to. These are things I do not have. I have entered Historical Transactions…
  • Can you create a backup that is not a cabinet file?

    How do you create a backup that is not a cabinet file?
  • Online Backup

    Is Online Backup already included in my license or this is another subcription that I need to pay. I want to connect it to my MS 365.
  • sage Err0r

    signed out and turned off computer; restarted computer and clicked on sage 50 canada to open and it came up with Sage 50 cannot open database because the database engine reported an error
  • Pro to Premium

    I'm current using Sage50 Pro and now I want to upgrade to Premieum. Can I open the data that I back up from Pro to Premium?
  • Error message - "data base engine reported an error"

    Hello, I have a message an Error message - "data base engine reported an error" and now I cannot get into my files.....anyone come across this before or have any suggestions?
  • Character input - not a keyboard issue

    We have been having this issue for YEARS. We have called multiple times, it is happening on multiple computers, and is not the keyboard. We have even had a video conference with Sage. We are entering invoices and all of the sudden, our letters and numbers…
  • ibdata1 file is 900GB how do i make it smaller

    The ibdata1 date file is growing very large and seems to keep running - any ideas on how to stop it and reduce it
  • Importing transactions

    We use a custom made application that stores our invoices. Is there a way to import these transactions? The files can be converted to CSV or Microsoft Excel. Is there an application that do the import? Are there templates available showing how to…
  • data

    due to dard drive crash I started imputting data onto a temp file so I could pay bills etc. Now I have my data back is there any way I can merge the temporary entries back into my regular file? Tannis Fahlman
  • Error Log?

    I'm getting the following error message: Sage 50 cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error. Please see the error log for more information. Only thing is, I don't know where to find the error log. Can anyone help? Or even…
  • backup

    hello, i am trying to open a backup from a USB stick. how do i do this? it's giving an error code that i don't have the right requirements. thank you
  • Sage50 Newbie - Quote - Record

    Hi everyone, New & I have an error, "The estimate must have a quantity ordered. Be sure the Contract column contains an amount.", when I click "RECORD" button after writing up my quote for services. The "QUANTITIES" column is highlighted blue and am…
  • SAGE 50 Canada ODBC 32 Bit MySQL read/write Connection restarts Sage

    Sage 50 Pro ... Win 10 Pro 64b ... Office Pro 2019 32b ... ms Access 32b ... Mysql ODBC 32b ... ODBC connection read-only appears to work fine to retrieve customer data ... however ... any attempt to make a read/write connection to make corrections/changes…
  • Adding Links to AP Invoices for Reference

    We are looking to start saving a scan of say, an AP invoice to our system via the link icon in the tool bar. We are saving the scans (pdf) to our dropbox account. Yesterday I completed one to test it, and because it was in a folder only accessible to…
  • Server is too busy right now. Try again later

    I cannot get past this error "Server is too busy right now. Try again later" I have tried two workstations and get the same error. both machines are current with all windows updates. i only get the error with on of my shared companies.... the other…
  • Cloud Back up failed

    I am unable to back up my data using Cloud. It processes as if it were going to do so, showing that it uploads, but then I get an error message saying Cloud backup unsuccessful. Thoughts on how to rectify? Thanks!
  • Importing transactions with IMP file

    I have been trying to import purchase invoice transactions using an IMP file with very little success. I have the following simple file to import and can't get past the first error. Here is the file <Version> "31101", "1" </Version> <PurInvoice> …
  • My Data File appears to be locked.

    When I try to open my current session of Simply Accounting I get to the point where it says OK next to the session date. When I click on OK the program disappears i.e. will not open. I have noticed a File? with a name the same as my data file. This file…