• Anyone have the Sage 50 2019.3 SDK?

    Hi, I'm currently making a third party app for a client using Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2019.3( but I have been given a 2019.0( version of the SDK, which is not letting me use it: Message from recources (english version): I've…
  • So where do we download the Sage 50 CA SDK now?

    So now that Sage has overhauled their website, I can no longer find a way to download the SDK. I used to be able to find it on the public facing site, but now they've made sure to make no mention of it. All the old links suggesting how to download the…
  • 2019.1 CA SDK download?

    Is there a 2019.1 Canadian edition SDK update available? We just updated our Sage 50 to 2019.1 but when I look for the SDK, the only version I can find is for 2019.0 and 2019.1 US edition.
  • SDKInstanceManager OpenDatabase always returns false and has no error messages

    Hi, I'm trying to work through the C# sample project in the Sage 50 Accounting SDK (Simply) but for some reason I can't get the opendatabase connection to let me access the database. I have set up my user in the Sage app and I know my username and password…
  • Sage 50 - SDK Download

    Hi, I would like to know where I can get the Sage 50 SDK? Thanks! Simon
  • Get account balance?

    I'm trying to obtain a balance for an account via the SDK and am unable to figure out how to do this. Can anyone shed any light on it? It appears that the SDK is very limited, and poorly documented.
  • RE: 2014.3 SDK quicklink ?

    Hi Xavier, Please follow the link below: na.sage.com/.../development-partners-erp-crm-hrms Scroll down and you will see Program levels. Please click on the + sign and you will see the link to download Sage 50 Accounting Canada SDK. After you click…
  • 2014.3 SDK quicklink ?

    Where can I download the latest SDK Sage50 Canadian (2014.3) ? Why is it so complicated each time to download the latest SDK? Each time Sage50 does an update (every 3 months basically), the compatibility breaks and we need to download the latest…
  • GL Account Access Issues for Inventory Lookup

    HI we are developing a C#.net app that would do some imports for our customer, whereas in the process we have to lookup the inventry to get prices/GL account/linked revenue accounts. when on the live enviroment we try to do the import with this…
  • RE: SDK Download for July 2013 Update

    Hi Seth B, Please follow the link below for the latest SDK download https://sagena.thruinc.net/ExDn.aspx?id=045BRXUVI6D Hope this helps.
  • RE: SDK for Sage 50 canadian

    Hi Karthik, In order to import invoice sales into Sage 50 Canadian, you need to follow certain format. You can follow the link below to download the SDK to develop your own application. https://sagena.thruinc.net/ExDn.aspx?id=0457MH3EQKG For import…
  • RE: 2014.2 SDK (

    Hi Eric, We apologize for the delay. The link to download the latest SDK is written below: https://groupdrive.na.sage.com/QuickLink/455518e45352b2f892 Hope this helps
  • 2014.2 SDK (

    Hi, Where can I find the Sage 50 CA 2014.2 SDK? I tried the SDK request page but it only gives me a link to the previous version (2014.1 Oct 2013). I find it odd that the product updates seem to be released to end-users before the compatible SDK's are…
  • RE: Latest SDK (

    Hi Kirk, Please go to the following website, fill up the form and download the latest SDK http://na.sage.com/sage-50-accounting-ca/lp/partners/sdk/ Hope this helps