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I am shopping around for Sage 50 pro with payroll 2019, and I am getting confused. Most places, such as Sage sell only the download. I was offered a price of 872$ versus 599.99$ at Staples. I found a Staples store that has the CD kit for 499$, but was told I had to pay 330$/year to Sage for the payroll. Last year I used Sage 50 pro with payroll 2018, but I was not required to pay extra for the payroll; I simply entered the source deduction information manually. 

I have between 0 and 3 employees throughout the year so I don't want to pay 330$ for payroll.  I'm not even sure now that if I buy the download from Staples, if it includes the payroll for the year. Before purchasing the 2019 CD with payroll, can you tell me if I will still be able to prepare paychecks? 

thank you.

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    Hello ,

    Thanks for reaching out! Correct only at retail can you find a perpetual license box with CD, with the option of adding access to the payroll module for 1 year (which needs to be renewed). The access to / use of the payroll module requires an annual (basically) "repurchase" of the entire software package. The subscription option can be cheaper.

    If you are handling payroll for 1-3 employees then here's something worth exploring. The Payment Evolution and Sage | Accounting integration. 

    What's the catch? If you want Payment Evolution to integrate with accounting software like Sage | Accounting, then you'll have to opt for either the Business or Business+ plan which start at $22/month (good for up to 25 employees) , it's $1.50/employee/run (per additional employee)

    Sage Business Cloud | Accounting, (formerly known as Sage One)'s version available in Canada, now has most of the features of Sage 50's Pro edition. This means a lot more flexibility for the small business builder and entrepreneur. To save time migrating your data we've created a migration tool to help extract your data from Sage 50 and import it into Sage | Accounting

    What employee payroll tiers are available for Sage 50cloud?

    Every payroll plan has a base price that includes Tier 1 (1-10 employees), therefore there is no extra charge for any companies that fall into Tier 1. For Tiers 2 to 5, the total extra amount charged is based upon the following tier system.

    Tier 1: 1-10 employees

    Tier 2: 11-15 employees

    Tier 3: 16-30 employees

    Tier 4: 31-50 employees

    Tier 5: 51-100 employees 

    Tier 6: Unlimited employees

    Hope this info helps!

    Warm Regards,

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    Thanks for the information; I just want to confirm that I understood the first option. If I buy the CD box at retail, I can use the payroll option without subscribing to anything else?! which also means I need to update the version every year. To pay a fee for monthly payroll is a heavy expense for us as, for example, we are entering March this week and I've had no business, therefore, no revenue and no employees to pay...

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    Hi Gayleeliza

    Retail box is perpetual license, if you buy it with payroll 1 year, it includes 12 month payroll for Tier 1, you are not require to subscribe to any plan.

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