Sage 50 pro with payroll 2019


I am shopping around for Sage 50 pro with payroll 2019, and I am getting confused. Most places, such as Sage sell only the download. I was offered a price of 872$ versus 599.99$ at Staples. I found a Staples store that has the CD kit for 499$, but was told I had to pay 330$/year to Sage for the payroll. Last year I used Sage 50 pro with payroll 2018, but I was not required to pay extra for the payroll; I simply entered the source deduction information manually. 

I have between 0 and 3 employees throughout the year so I don't want to pay 330$ for payroll.  I'm not even sure now that if I buy the download from Staples, if it includes the payroll for the year. Before purchasing the 2019 CD with payroll, can you tell me if I will still be able to prepare paychecks? 

thank you.