opening balance from 2021, how to reconcile stmt to bring up to date


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I took over the book keeping for a company and the previous book keeper was not consistent with using the bank rec for the credit cards.  The Company year end is Oct 1 - Sept 30th. 

I am trying to go backwards to clear out and reconcile 2022/2023 but I am not able to change the previous opening balance. I've been reconciling manually for the past year and all is balanced on my end, but I would like to start using the reconciliation in sage. 

From what I have read, in order to fix this I can enter the end statement balance and clear them out. The issue is no matter what month I try to reconcile, I get the same negative amount for both outstanding & unresolved amount that was from the previous year.

What is the best way to get rid of this unresolved -2029.45 and outstanding -2029.45 amount so I can move forward?

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    Thanks for reaching out. First, ensure all transactions from your bank statements are correctly recorded in Sage 50 with the accurate dates, and that all transactions that appear in your bank…