Invoices with Zero amount shows not paid....

Invoices with Zero amount shows not paid.... 

If the invoice is zero that means there is nothing to pay.... but shows unpaid.... confusing...

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    the way Sage Accounting is designed, any Sales invoice created will be outstanding/unpaid, until you record a payment against it, even if it's a zero amount invoice.

    This is why you would receive a warning when creating a Zero Value Invoice that says: This Invoice has a value of $0.00. Would you like to save it anyway, or continue editing?

    By choosing to create it anyway, it will be outstanding until to "record a payment" against it. The system will not mark it as "paid" simply because it is a zero amount invoice.

    I hope this help clarify your question.

    Thank you for using the Sage City forum.

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    Ok, but how do you record a payment against a $0.00 invoice? Sage won't let me.

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