Can I Invite an accountant to my subscription of Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start?


There is no link or option to invite or connect to an accountant under Manage Business Account. Is that because that is not an option with this product?

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    I also noticed that my initial question may have lost translation from brain to keyboard.

    I'm looking to invite my accountant to connect to this Sage Business Software.

    Sorry I don't have any of those options with my current package/service I have from Sage. I have 

    Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start

    Screen shot attached of my current options in side the Manage Business Account.

    Manage Business Account settings

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    thank you for using the Sage community forum. That's correct, maybe we should've clarified a bit better.

    The steps we provided are to be followed from your Accountant, not from your Accounting Start. As you know Accounting Start only allows for 1 user access.

    If your Accountant has a Sage Cloud Accountant Edition with us, they can send the invitation to you, this way they can gain access to your platform. (clarification: Accountant sends invitation to clients, not the other way around)

    The tool helps Accountant manage multiple Sage Accounting client's and collaborate with them from one place.

    If your Accountant already has an Accountant Edition with us, the can follow the steps outlined in the following support article to send you an invitation.

    If they don't have an Accountant Edition yet with us, they can find more information about how to sign up on the sage website here.

    Thank you for using the forum and we hope this clarifies everything for you.

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    Thank you, I will reach out to my accountant today and see if we can get this fixed up.  Appreciate your reply.

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    Amazing! Glad this was clarified. If the suggested answer above ends up helping, please mark it as verified White check mark (by clicking the "Verify Answer" button next to Reply, on the response) for the benefit of others in this forum Slight smile. Thank you!

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    This did not work from the accountants end either.  My email address was in put for an invite, no error was displayed and no invite was sent to me.

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    Hi  ,

    I'm sorry for the confusion regarding the invitation process. To send and receive an invitation, the accountant's email address, which should be linked to an Accountant Edition account, must be used. This means the accountant must have completed the certification and been granted access to the Accountant Edition.

    For the next steps, I recommend connecting directly with our support team. They can check if the email used is associated with a certified Accountant Edition and can assist with the invitation process. You can reach our support team through the chat by using this link. They will be able to handle sensitive information securely, which isn't possible in a public community forum.

    Our support team can also guide the Accountant on how to send the correct invitation using their certified Accountant Edition email if necessary. Thank you for your patience, and please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Warm Regards,