• How do you ensure that the bank feed reference imports correctly?

    I bank with RBC and am new to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. I have set Sage up to automatically import bank feeds. It worked fine at first (except will only update once per day) but today it imported transactions with the incorrect Reference compared…
  • Withholding tax

    Dear team How do you classify Withholding tax on both customers and suppliers. How is it recorded in Sage Accounting so that it can appear in financial statemnts correctly. Thanks
  • charging back utilities

    I have to charge my tenant back for Oil, I have paid the invoice, now I want to invoice it back to them. Do I need to record this as a sale? or other income?
  • making a journal entry

    What information goes in the reference box, the description box, and the details box when making a journal entry. And how does this information show up on reports?
  • Billable Expenses

    I am new to Sage. How do I enter an expense that is billable to a client?
  • Entering previous years

    I need to enter my accounts from Jan 1, 2017 and get them up to date. I have spoken with someone on chat but they say the only way I can do this is import but that implies I have the information to import and I don't. I only have bank statements. I…
  • interest charges

    I am new to sage accounting...i would like to process and bill out interest charges on my outstanding receivables. I can't find where/how to do it. Any insight would be great. thanks
  • Gift Cards

    Could anyone tell me how they process gift cards in Sage Accounting? I tried to do it the way I did it in Sage 50 but I cannot post to a liability account on a Sales invoice. I set up a " bank" called Gift Cards so when goods are purchased with a gift…
  • Recording Quarterly HST

    I have Accounting start CA and used to have Sage Accounting 50. I print out the amount owing for my quarterly HST but I cannot seem to record the amount I charged on HST sale and the HST paid on purchases in this new system for my quarterly payment to…
  • Uploading Sales Invoice with Multiple Lines (Intacct)

    I am trying to upload a sales invoice with multiple lines as a CSV file, however each lines is coming out as its own separate sales invoice. FYI - I am using the same document number for each line, assuming that would mean each line would go to that…
  • sales taxes

    why do my US guests have a zero rated 0% sales tax and I cant change that.. help i need to charge them 13% HST on lodging accommodations.
  • PrePaid Insurance

    Our yearly Insurance for our fiscal year October 1, 2023 to Sept 30, 2024 is a total of $4000.00, that is paid in 3 instalments ($1333.33) on Oct 1, Nov 1, and (1333.34) Dec 3. In previous years, our old accountant (now retired) had set up a reoccurring…
  • HST postings

    I am a new user. I want to use the new entry window to post a payment to the HST account but it is not accessible on the list. Any suggestions would be appreciated/.
  • Only one side of journal entry showing

    Having opened 2 new (savings) bank accounts, I created a journal entry to transfer an amount to each from my chequing account. However, the chequing account balance reflects the proper amount after the transfers, but the new accounts still show a zero…
  • Error Message when trying to Post payments on accounts from Customers

    Do anyone know why I am getting this error message when trying to post a payment on account from a customer? Payment on account raised by user This field is required.
  • Quick Entry Invoice Number

    How does one add an invoice number to a Bill entered using Quick Entry?
  • Recording inventory bought but purchase invoice not received

    Hi, We have 4 POs this month that are for inventory. The inventory has been shipped. I need to enter the purchase invoice, but have not received it yet from the supplier. They send them late sometimes. The shipping documents alerting the customer…
  • Shareholder Loans and Repays

    I am just beginning to learn bookkeeping for a partnership/corporation. Each of the 2 partners have paid for some start up expenses out of their own pockets. Can someone please provide the baby steps to entering these expenses into Sage Cloud Accounting…
  • Possible to add a new payment method?

    Is it possible to add a new payment method when paying Vendors? If yes, I cannot seem to find where to do so. Thank you in advance for any help! Paula
  • GST returns

    Hi there Can you delete a gst return after you have clicked that you filed it?
  • Invoicing and Profit and Loss

    Hello, I entered my sales manually into the journal as well as creating invoices. Now I have sales amounts showing up twice, making my profit and loss statement incorrect. Where's my mistake?
  • Unable to see Accounts Receivable/Payable

    Taking a course, and not getting very far very quickly asking for help in the courses discussion board so hoping someone here can answer this one. Setting up a mock company, the text had us go into receivables>linked accounts and among the accounts…
  • Error in paying bill twice in accts payable

    I paid the wcb bill twice and they deposited the cheques, I can't get the 2nd cheque to post in sage so that it shows a credit on their account, why?
  • Reoccurring monthly invoices

    How can I create an invoice to reoccurs each month?
  • What's the best way to post (and post payments) towards a lease or financed expense?

    It's not really a "payable," is it? It's a long-term liability that you're paying off month to month.