• Importing JSON file

    I have created a JSON file for one of my clients. How do I migrate it to Sage Accounting?
  • Sage accounting banking page account summaries are not updating

    The banking home page shows all the active banking accounts. When connected to my bank, each account shows the sage balance, the bank balance, and an icon to see incoming transactions. I notice that the balances are not correct, even the sage balance…
  • Backup

    How can I create a backup copy to send electronically to my auditor?
  • cab file

    I would like to know if I can upload the .cab file that I received from my accountant to this Sage Online platform.
  • sage cloud plus

    Can inventory items be imported? can a report be printed with all contacts info, or can the contacts be exported?
  • Scammer alert

    Not sure where to put this, it's not just Canada. If you Google "Sage Contact number", the two sponsored ads are scammers. Someone in our firm was affected. They say they are resellers, but try to scam you into making payment for "Sage data protection…
  • Importing data from another software

    Is it possible to import batches from other software (i.e. crowdchange or Blackbaud/Raiser's Edge).
  • importing supplier bills from excel

    how do I import supplier bills from excel into sage ?
  • Getting Tax Number must be blank error while updating a customer Sage Accounting

    Hi, Im triying to update Contacts using the API and Im getting the next error: "validation" : { "errors" : [ { "field" : "tax_number", "message" : "must be blank" }, { "field" : "tax_number", "message" : "Format must match '123456789XX1234 (15 characters…
  • Import Bank Transcations

    Hi there! I'm using Sage Accounting. I've connected my bank account, but it is not automatically syncing (says it is supposed to a few times a day). Anyone have any tips for how to troubleshoot this? Thank you!
  • Credit Unions - Island Savings specifically

    I am trying to connect Island Savings Chequing or Savings and keep getting Sorry something went wrong - talked to support. Went through every option she could think of. I tried a few others - even called the bank to see if they had heard of anything with…
  • Creating a Backup

    Hi! I am a new user and I am wondering how I create a backup copy of accounting data to send to my accountant. Any help would be appreciated!
  • Amalgamate 2 suppliers that were the same person

    A supplier got married and now I have two accounts for one person. How do I amalgamate them?
  • How to move data from Sage 50 to Sage Accounting version

    My business only requires basic book keeping so the basic accounting program fits perfectly. I can't seem to move my data/info from Sage 50 desktop to the new basic accounting program. Sage says I should upgarde but don't need an upgraded program for…