Can someone explain SEO jargon please?

Hi Everyone 

I am looking to learn more about SEO and how it can benefit my business. Any help would be appreciated. 



  • SEO is so important.  I doubled my site's traffic with some basic SEO steps in AIOSEO (All-In-One SEO), which is a plugin I use on my WordPress site.  It's mainly a question of adding search-friendly descriptions, adding both internal and external links, using possible search text in the content and adding info to images.  

    My son does this sort of thing as a free-lancer for a living so I have him to ask questions of which is really useful!  His latest suggestion is to use Google Business Profile - adding FAQs, images, search terms and services that push your site up the rankings.  I am also trying to integrate our bookings system with 'Reserve with Google' which with score well with the Google algorithm.

    It's an ongoing process but it does work.  From appearing on like, page 8 of results, my company, Funky Bunker, now comes in around no 32 in results.  I reckon I can get it in the top 5 within a few months. It's important to realise that your website is not a thing that you build and just leave there.  The more updates you post, the more images you put online, the more news item you post especially with external links, the higher your site is rated.  Regular additions to your site work in your favour too, so add photos and images every couple of weeks.

    AI is being used more and more also.  AIOSEO uses AI to help with text content and image meta data.  What SEO is all about really is making sure your site is 'useful' to both potential customers and to casual browsers.

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    Hi Ralph 

    Thank you so much for the detailed  response.  This is very helpful as I  had never heard of AIOSEO before , I will follow all the steps you mentioned so that I can bring the rankings of our site up.



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