Poll: How would you react to a sudden and unexpected change in your career?

  • The change people fear the most is change they cannot control, ie. redundancy, before starting my own business I had been made redundant 4 times and each time it worked out for the best! I concluded from this (and speaking to others) that the reason people do not embrace change is because of the element of unknown, if they knew everything will be fine, or even better, then they would embrace it more.

  •  My reaction depends on whether or not the change is negative or positive. However a sudden and unexpected change in a career can be frightening especially if you have not prepared for it.  I will try not to panic or stress myself which can be challenging in those circumstances.  I will remain positive, thus take all the positives in that change, embrace them and use them to bring the best results.  Yes there might be negatives depending with the change, I will look at how I can mitigate the negatives.  Example if there is a reduction in funds due to the change, and there are bills to pay, I will negotiate with the suppliers, aim to cut down on costs as much as I can.   All depends with the type of change and how it will affect me, my family and colleagues.  For circumstances beyond control, I will talk to others, seek guidance and professional advice. 

    I learnt over the years to try and have plans in place for any possible change. When you have plans, you do not fear the change as much. We can see what happened during the pandemic (covid-19), many people had to suddenly change their careers,  some businesses never recovered to open post pandemic.  Most of the people in the industry I work with were badly affected and had to do different jobs.

  • I completely resonate with your perspective on change. Your experience of being made redundant multiple times and seeing it work out for the best is a powerful testament to the idea that change, even when initially daunting, can lead to positive outcomes. It's interesting how the fear of the unknown plays a significant role in people's resistance to change.

  • Hi Faith I agree with your point about the importance of having plans in place for potential changes, as it can provide a sense of preparedness and reduce fear. The example of the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the unpredictability of life and the need to be adaptable. It's impressive to hear how you've learned from such experiences and are willing to seek guidance and professional advice during circumstances beyond your control.

  • I would try and see it as an opportunity and make the best out I could out of the situation. I only started my own business because I had been made redundant and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! If I had stayed in a steady job I may never have made the decision to branch out on my own.

  • Sometimes that leap of faith really does pay off Chloe. Would you ever go back to being employed or is having your own business always been something you wanted?

  • I don't think I could go back to being employed now! The freedom of having your own business is something I feel so fortunate to have. It has it stresses but it's giving me such an amazing work life balance.