Hi. I'm a treasurer of a charity using Sage payroll and accounts. 

I'm not sure that this is the appropriate place to ask my question but I've wasted too much time trying to find an appropriate person at Sage to speak to or email.

Sage use a Financial Institution called Modulr Finance to make direct payments to suppliers and for payroll payments. We've been using this facility for over 2 years and Modulr are suddenly requesting full residential details and dates of birth of all our trustees for their compliance checks. I'm used to having ID checks through 'electronic verification' but Modulr are saying that they have not been able to electronically check any of our trustees and are now requesting copies of identity documents (passports, utility bills etc) to verify ID's of all trustees. Understandably most trustees are unwilling to provide such documents to some financial institution they've never heard of. They can see no reason why they should have to verify their ID's in particular since they have no access to any payment or other bank processes within the charity. 

Have other Sage/Modulr users come across this?