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  • CIC (Community Interest Companies)

    Hi, What are the basic 'do's' and 'dont's' of CIC transactions? I've got a prospective client who is a CIC and I need to quickly understand how their business should operate, that is significantly different from normal businesses being run for profit…
  • Checking out the community

    I've just discovered this community hub and I'd love to know what you all like / dislike about it? Also curious about what kind of questions I can ask here - Please let me know what you've gotten help on through this community hub before
  • Accountants

    Do I need an actual firm of accountants to file my yearly business accounts? I do my VAT and everything I need for my business on Sage but then it costs fortunes for the Accountant to submit the end of year accounts. Thank you
  • How do you set up a SIPP?

    Hello I was wondering whether anyone knows how to set up a SIPP? Thanks Joanne
  • Close the books

    Have you heard about the recent "Close the Books" survey from Sage? It’s quite exciting! We conducted a worldwide survey involving over 1,000 finance professionals to uncover trends and insights on achieving faster and more accurate financial closing…
  • I want to scale my business, increase efficiency and transparency, do Sage members have any advice?

    Hi All It would be great to hear from other Sage members when it comes to scaling business, increasing efficiency and transparency. Thanks Paul
  • Payroll Compliance

    Payroll compliance is a critical aspect that HR and payroll professionals must prioritise. Ensuring compliance safeguards not only the payroll team, but the entire business from potential penalties resulting from non-compliance. Equally important…
  • Poll: Which of the following best describes the affect of switching to digital tax records (MTD)?

  • Does anyone have anymore information on Making Tax Digital (MTD) which will come into effect in a few years,

    Hi All I know MTD (Making Tax Digital will come into effect in a few years, I'm still apprehensive. Has any other accountants looked more into this and have any advice. Thanks Faith
  • Where do I get started with digitising my accounts?

    Hi All I'm looking to digitise my accounts and looking at what options and routes others may have taken. Thanks Chloe
  • Small business big opportunity

    According to a global study of 12,000 Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) published by Sage in May, business leaders are experiencing a significant boost in productivity and satisfaction. The study reveals that the percentage of SMBs satisfied with…
  • How to apply for an investor

    Once you identify potential angel investors and prepare your business, it's time to apply for angel investment. In this stage, you should be patient, persistent, and open to feedback throughout the process. Lastly, be respectful of their time and be…
  • Us, UK, selling to a Distributor, NI, but shipping direct to a customer in NI - What to put as the value of goods?

    When we started this, the idea was we would ship to the distributor, and that is us out of the way, what he does is his business, but somewhere along the line, someone decided we would ship direct to customer Now on the paperwork to NI, we need to put…
  • What is important to your business when looking for an angel investor?

  • Capital allowances on holiday let caravans

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help out on this as I am finding conflicting advice and HMRC guidance is a clear as mud. Can I claim capital allowances for a residential caravan used mainly for holiday letting? Thanks.
  • Poll: Which of the following new technologies do you think will have most impact on the future roles of accountants?

  • What attributes should you look for in an investor?

    When seeking potential angel investors for your business, look for those who can provide value beyond just a financial investment. Here are 4 key attributes to look for in an angel investor: 1) Experience, expertise, and network: You should seek investors…
  • Poll: What is most valuable to you when choosing a business partner?

  • I’m looking for advice on managing finances

    Hi All I seem to be doing pretty okay when managing my finances, but wondered whether anyone within the community has any tips that might help further. Thanks Ralph
  • How to find angel investors for your business

    While many funding options are available, angel investors are a popular choice for start-ups seeking early-stage financing. According to details submitted to the UK government by the UK Business Angels Association, small businesses receive approximately…
  • Has anyone got any tips for avoiding late payments?

    Good Morning It's great to see the community up and running. I have a quick question for you all and I'm hoping someone will help with strategies and best practices that individuals or businesses can employ to proactively prevent and effectively manage…