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  • Poll: How would you rate the readiness of your current staff to adapt to AI implementation in your business?

  • What are the best things we can do to secure our network from a cyber attack?

    Hi All I'm interested in knowing what we can do to secure our network from a cyber attack? Have any of you implemented anything? Thanks Paul
  • How can I ensure my business is innovative?

    Hi All It would be great to get some thoughts on how I can ensure my business is innovative. Thanks Paul
  • How can UX design benefit business?

    Hi everyone Just a quick question about UX design. Has or is anyone using this within the community, if so could you explain how it can benefit businesses? Thanks Ralph
  • Digital blueprint

    Have you heard about our latest call to the UK government? We are urging the government to seize the opportunity for the UK to become an advanced digital economy and tackle flatlining productivity. In May 2023 we put forward policy proposals to prevent…
  • Poll: Do you agree with the statement: Generative AI will be as transformational as the internet or the smart phone?

  • Poll: How do you ensure the security of your business technology and data?

  • How do you deal with IT issues?

    How do you resolve your business IT issues? Do you resolve them internally with adequately trained staff? Or do you have external IT consultants that are on the end of a phone as and when required?
  • You hear a lot about cyber attacks in the news, can someone explain what is ransomware?

    Hi All Would really appreciate some advice on ransomware. If anyone could explain what it is that would be great. Thanks Tony
  • How could AI change the way we interact with technology?

    Hi I was wondering how AI could change the way we interact with technology and whether anyone has had any experience with this? Thanks James
  • What are the business benefits of AI?

    Hi AI has always interested me. However, I am not sure how AI could benefit my business. Has anyone used AI within their company and could give me a little more advice? Thanks Joanne