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We've had reports of an error "Access Is Denied" from numerous clients within Sage 200cloud.  Common theme is that they are all running a version of Sage 200cloud.  Doesn't seem to be reported on versions prior to cloud.

For a period we even got the message on our test VMs but it inexplicably dried up and hasn't happened for a while.  However, customers continue to report it.

Normally, logging out of the program and back in gets around it.  Typically, but not exclusively, the error will occur following the attempted display of a list view.

It's an issue that has been causing us much frustration as to what the cause may be.  Does anyone else have any experiences to share re. this error?


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    Hi Richard/Everyone,

    Apologies for the late message on this one.

    It is something we have seen and had reported from time to time by certain partners and has been logged as an issue internally (currently only a handful of contacts). This was due to the fact we couldn't replicate at will or have replication steps provided which would always produce the issue, from our testing and troubleshooting on previous cases it seems to be something environmental as suggested in some of your comments, we have provided the suggestion of check power saving settings in the past and kept details of the contacts who have raised this via the support channel. 

    The most common cause we've seen is when users have left the system open overnight or a virtual machine in a saved status with the 200 program open will likely produce the issue if left long enough. Can I suggest that if you are still getting reports from customers around this, please raise a case via case management referencing this problem and i'll add the customer as a contact to the internal issue, this will help give us more insight into how big of a problem this currently is and we can then take a further look with more data available to us.

    Please raise the subject with 'FAO Paul R Access Denied' if you can then detail the below 

    - Which version of Sage 200 are they using
    - How often it is occurring
    - What troubleshooting has been attempted
    - Which client OS and Server OS are being used

    Kind regards,


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    Thanks for engaging, Paul.  I have shared your update with the team.  

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    Hi, Just to add from our experience that most of these errors are remedied by:

    Elongating the power saving/ hibernation plan timer to allow more idle time for the user such as an hour to accommodate their lunch, or setting it to never.

    Additionally, within Device Manager > If the network card has the option "Allow this device to put the machine to sleep" then ensure this is unticked.

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    Same as what Stu says really, the thought here is that it is due to Sage needing reauthentication to the network after the pc going to sleep or disconnecting from the network due to inactivity around it, etc.  

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