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I am looking to move from an onsite install to Azure,I was wondering if anybody had any experience with using AAD rather than a local domain server with AD for sage 200 pro. As I cant see much documentation regarding how it works (if it works?)


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    Has anybody made any progress using Entra/Azure DS? I currently have this in testing and am getting the following error, I wondered if there was any suggestions on how to rectify it, it appears that the users credentials aren't being passed through to IIS correctly.. This is occurring when the user has the desktop client installed on an Azure joined and managed device, not joined to AD at all, however their user account IS present and working fine in Entra DS as if I run the application directly on the server logged in as the user.

    When I inspect the connection using Fiddler I get a 401 Unauthorised error - 

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    so under normal circumstances that message means that the client pc can not authenticate with the domain controller, we usually see this with a corrupted user profile if it is just restricted to one client, if its across the board, there is a KB article on that message with pointers from sage.  but i suspect that the issue is that it can't authenticate as its not an active directory domain, or workgroup

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    Thanks Toby. I found that KB and actioned the suggestions and it made no difference. I think I'm going to have to have a re-think....

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    An update to this.  in the most recent installation guide for Sage 200 2024R1 there is now a section on install and running sage 200 on Azure virtual desktop and windows 365.. one thing it did point out was this

    the full installation guide is available here 200 Professional Installation Guide (4773).pdf

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