any function to find items in any transactions and remove it programmatically?

Hi all,

is there any functions to do the following:

1. find the item

2. find the all transactions that uses this item

3. remove the items and transactions. 

4. in the meantime, take care of the data to avoid data instability. 

thank you.

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    Are you talking about a stock item and SOP/POP order lines (etc) as transactions? Are you trying to delete old items but can't because they're in use? (A common problem!)

    You can find all the order lines via SOP/POPStandardItemLink (and Arch).  But you can't delete them as it'll mess up the order.

    However, what you can do (in practice, even if not sanctioned by Sage!) is change the order line type to free text so the  standarditemlink can be deleted. This needs to be done using the underlying "Persistent" objects.

    If I've guessed right about what you're trying to do, you'll also need to check lots of other tables (eg. BOM etc).

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    Hi Geoff, yes, that is what I am trying to do. thank you for the advice

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