Not paying all suppliers from Suggested Payments without doing them individually or doing a lot of amending

When you run a suggested payments report showing all suppliers awaiting payment, it would be good if you could then be able to tick the ones you wish to pay to generate payments.  I currently have about 500 suppliers that are paid monthly and although they would all appear in the suggested payment it is not possible to pay everybody at the same time, and it depends on who has chased to who gets paid so I am unable to set them into payment groups. In the suggested supplier payment enquiry workspace I am able to tick suppliers but I then need to be able to generate payments for those suppliers.  It takes so long to do each one individually when I pay a batch of 50/75 suppliers and would take longer if I amended the payment file to zero out 350 suppliers.

  • Hello, hoping I have read your email correctly and I hope this may help? Purchase ledger, payment processing, delete suggested payments, go into amend suggested payments, find who you want to pay, when you click this all the payment lines should be all zero so either pay all or just pick out the transactions you want to pay click save and when you have done click generate payments. Do not generate suggested payments as it will clear what you have just done. At the generate payment point the pay single supplier or pay multiple will pop up so click the multiple if you have more than one. Fill in your remittance date and allocation date with your payment date and click ok. Then a box should pop up telling you how many suppliers you're paying and how much, there is a show details box on the right which will show you who you are paying. If you're happy continue and it should take you to your epayment document which you can send to the bank when saved as a text document. Ours shows an error but we click ok and it takes us to a date box which we put in the payment date. Then ours drops you into the PDF remittance and a box comes up saying payments have been made successfully. We were having to generate suggested payments and then take out  suppliers we don't want to pay, there was 30 pages to go through. Sage was telling us what needed to be paid but this way I suggested, you are telling Sage what you want to pay.