Recording a payment made to TAN account for import duties



Looking for some help to record this transaction correctly:

Made a payment from our current account to our TAN account with Revenue for import duty charges.  

I want to self account for the VAT due on these import charges.  If I put it through bank payments, it will not allow me to us tax code T39/T40.  I want this amount to be included in the figure for the postponed Vat return.  How are other Irish companies recording this transaction?

Thanking you for your help.

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    Thanks for using Sage City.

    The postponed accounting tax codes will only work with Supplier transactions, that's why the bank transactions won't allow them.

    You may be able to post a VAT only invoice on code T39 and pay that invoice off, that would affect the right tax code and reduce your bank balance.

    The following article has more information about Postponed accounting >

    I'll leave this thread open in case any other community members can suggest what they do.


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