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Ireland will soon be introducing a Deposit Return Scheme. In February 2024, when you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, aluminium or steel can that features the Re-turn logo, you pay a small deposit in addition to the price of the drink. As a wholesaler the deposit amount of either 25c or 15c must be shown as a separate line item separate to the product cost. They will be required to show the amount of the deposit multiplied by the number of units followed by a total on the invoice

Can you advise whether this will be possible in Sage?




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    Hi Louise,

    It's not expected that there will be any changes to the software for this as it can be accounted for with existing functionality in the software.

    The deposit / return element would simply be an extra line to add to your invoice. You could set up a non-stock/service item for this or use one of the 'S' codes available from the product drop-down list when adding the new line.

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