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We are a UK company with a few customers in the Republic of Ireland and for one customer we have been persuaded to register for Irish VAT

I have not yet received a number or information pack, but in the meantime I am looking for advise

Firstly do I need to set up a seperate company in Sage

If not what tax code do I use and will it appear on a seperate report for me to (I do not know how yet) do an Irish VAT return and pay to ROI customs and Excise?

Any help at all will be most appreciated


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    Hi Annette,

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    You would need two companies for this and you would need to record all transactions in both companies for reporting purposes. The type of VAT Return generated by the software, UK or Irish is controlled by the regional settings on the computer, so if you're generating an Irish VAT Return you'd need to change your settings to Irish and then back to UK settings for any UK VAT Return Generation. Individual transactions are picked up based on the tax code you use in the software.

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    Just a thought we have registered for VAT in this company name, will it be ok to open another company of the same name purely in Sage for the purpose of ROI transactions?

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    The second company can be differentiated from the first by adding something to the company name, eg (Irish). The important thing when creating the second company is to create it as new and not from a backup.

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