Data Management Invoice Deleting Stopping before completed.


Hi, I'm attempting to delete invoices from the Data Management option. I have in the region of 20,000 to delete and so far after 24 hours of running, it's only deleted 2,600. As it's a Saturday afternoon there is no way this will be completed by Monday morning when the team will need access to Sage! What will happen if I manually stop/close this deletion process? Do I risk corrupting data? Also a little frustrated that Sage don't have available support on a Saturday! Most fixes can only be done out of normal working hours and that's when I need most help! 

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    Hi George,

    Thanks for using Community Hub, and apologies for the delay with this reply.

    As with any process in 50 Accounts, stopping it in mid-flow could potentially cause corruption so I would not recommend that unless absolutely necessary. If you did stop the process I would recommend restoring a backup taken before the process was begun if possible.

    You mention you have 20,000 invoices to delete but you don't say how many invoices you have in total and this volume may be the cause of the apparent slow deletion rate. The process checks the criteria for deletion against every invoice so if you have a very large volume of invoices it will take some time. 

    There are a couple of options that might help to speed up the process. If your data is held on a different computer to the one you were working at, it would be quicker to run the process on the computer with the data, removing the network from the equation. It may also be quicker, and more controlled, to delete the invoices in batches instead. You could set a filter on your invoice list, to show invoices only dated before a particular date, then highlight a batch and delete them, repeating this procedure as required.

    I hope this helps, I will pass on your comments regarding Support availability at the weekend, thanks for the feedback.


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    I know what you mean.......I have 40,000 invoices on our system and it says I am deleting 16,000. It has been doing this for the last 2.5 hours. Do I abort, do I keep letting it run.??  There is no moving line to show it is working, which would help. After reading your comments I will come to the factory tomorrow to see how its getting on!

    It would be VERY useful if Sage opened over a weekend as well.



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    The Data Management delete routine is ludicrously slow. My best guess is that it performs a reindex and compress after every individual deletion.

    You get better performance using the delete icon and then re index and compress once you are done