Data Management Invoice Deleting Stopping before completed.


Hi, I'm attempting to delete invoices from the Data Management option. I have in the region of 20,000 to delete and so far after 24 hours of running, it's only deleted 2,600. As it's a Saturday afternoon there is no way this will be completed by Monday morning when the team will need access to Sage! What will happen if I manually stop/close this deletion process? Do I risk corrupting data? Also a little frustrated that Sage don't have available support on a Saturday! Most fixes can only be done out of normal working hours and that's when I need most help! 

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    I know what you mean.......I have 40,000 invoices on our system and it says I am deleting 16,000. It has been doing this for the last 2.5 hours. Do I abort, do I keep letting it run.??  There is no moving line to show it is working, which would help. After reading your comments I will come to the factory tomorrow to see how its getting on!

    It would be VERY useful if Sage opened over a weekend as well.



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    The Data Management delete routine is ludicrously slow. My best guess is that it performs a reindex and compress after every individual deletion.

    You get better performance using the delete icon and then re index and compress once you are done

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