V30 ODBC - Get Sage Reports


Hi all. Is there a way to get the reports from Sage, accessible via ODBC? Or a way to get the SQL that the reports use to do it manually in Excel?

We're using the POP_ITEM via ODBC, but we've noticed that any lines removed from the PO still appear in the POP_ITEM table with no discernible flag set in any column to suggest that it has been removed. The only difference I can see if that the ITEM_NUMBER is 0 for both the deleted line, and the first valid line. After that it increments by 1 each line.

Looking at the reports available directly in Sage, running the PO_LIST report does not include the deleted lines. I'd like to replicate that behaviour, or in this specific case we could even use that report as-is as it includes the details that we need.

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