Firstly, let me apologize if I'm being stupid, but I can't find anything in Help that explains it for my situation (which I wouldn't have thought was unique).

We have 3 users who update Sage 50 Accounts using Remote Data Access. 2 of these are part time and work from their homes. They update Sage on different days (ie each has a set day or days when they do the Sage work). Only one of them will be signed into Sage at any one time. Our Sage licence is for 2 companies & 1 user. All 3 of them currently sign into Sage 50 Accounts using the 'Manager' log in.

When 2FA is introduced it seems that I will have to give all 3 of these their own unique logins so that they can register their phones for the 2FA codes.

I don't see where I do this. Is this in Sage 50 Accounts? Does this mean I will have to change my Sage 50 licence to be a 3 user - which is going to cost me extra?

I'd be gratefully for any help you could give me on this.