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Any advice on the following please? We invoice monthly for our services/products, the product/service and the cost stays the same. We do then however add the dates to and from on each monthly invoice we type .Is there a method on the recurring invoice setup where we can set the dates to change on the actual description?

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    I agree. I use Adept invoice importer to do this every month.  Just set up the basic Excel spreadsheet and have every line refer (with an "absolute" reference $) to cells at the top into which you type the date and the variable text.

    For example, my Description line for each invoice might be:

    ="Charges for 4 week period "&$D$1 

    where the data in cell D1 is "29/4/24 - 26/5/24"

    You can have multiple lines for each invoice as long as each line has a common reference.

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