Integration with Procurement Software


Within our company we are using Sage 50 Accounts Professional (version number on a virtual Windows desktop because HW we have is Apple. I am implementing a procurement process and in order to do so I did extensive research on procurement softwares and chose the one that best suited our needs. 

It has been almost five months that we are trying to integrate the procurement software with Sage but there are many issues due to Sage being a desktop application on a virtual desktop. At the moment the integration is not looking great and we will probably terminate the agreement. Our Director of Finance is totally agains making any change of his accounting software.

The problem is not only getting the connector running 24/7 but also the settings in Sage. When our accountant enters a new invoice in Sage, specific fields must be filled out. As a result that means that general user on procurement software has to add these fields in order for invoice to appear correctly in Sage. 

Could you please advise if any of you have had a successful procurement software integration with the Sage setup we have?

Thank you!

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    I can't be sure this would solve your query but there is a company who I have dealt with a number of times with great success, I think if you are able to speak with them and outline your intention, if they have the knowledge then they will be able to help.

    The company is called Zynk and is a .com site, they have an awful lot of coverage between different systems, too many for me to mention but I would recommend them every single time.