Reverse VAT and Cash Accounting


I have just enrolled a client on to Sage online Accounting. Previously his bookkeeping was done on Excel Spreadsheets and a spreadsheet programme used to submit an MTD return. I have now entered 192 transactions and now found he has Reverse VAT clients, which apparently doesn't work with Cash Accounting. I tried to change to standard accounting but it won't let me with un-reconciled items. Does this mean I have to start again from the beginning and re-enter everything, or is there a way around this.  The other problem I have is that one month of the current VAT period is on Spreadsheets and the other two on Sage, which was the start of his new financial year. Would I need to submit the returns separately? I would be very grateful for any advice you can give me. Gareth C.

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    Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for using Sage City. 

    You have mentioned that the program is Sage Online Accounting.

    Are you referring to the Sage 50cloud Accounts program, that you access via an icon on your desktop?

    If so, you aren’t able to change a VAT scheme In the program if you’ve any unreconciled transactions.

    You can view the guide on  How to Change your VAT Scheme, or you’d be able to start the company again.

    With regards to submitting your VAT returns, you would need to have all three months of data in the Sage program and submit it together if that is what HMRC are expecting. You are able to post adjustments on your VAT return too, if needed.

    Or by Sage Online Accounting, did you mean Sage Business Cloud Accounting, that you access via an Internet browser?

    Lauren Tremble
    Sage UKI