P11D Software update to V26

Tried updating to versions 26 today and Sage says previous version is too old to upgrade (v 25) , Can you help only don't use it much lately but if we need to want to upgrade.

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    Hello Caroline,

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

    The error message the data is to old to upgrade is generally caused by the the upgrade process seeing the data as being more than one year previous, as sage 50 P11D can only open data from the current year or the year previous.

    If the data is from the year previous, it may indicate there is an issue with the data, that is leading the upgrade function to believe the data is from an older version than it actually is.

    The main resolution to resolve this will require you to be able to access the v25 data prior to having attempted an upgrade, it will also be effected by how you installed your v26 upgrade.

    So in order to be able to provide you with steps to resolve the issue we'll just need a little more information, could you provide answers to the following please:

    1) How did you install your v26 upgrade? Did you just click next on all the options and install over your v25 install? Or did you install v26 into a new directory and then restore a backup?

    2) Do you have a backup of your v25 P11d data

    3) If you installed v26 into a different directory when you installed, can you still open your v25 P11D software?

    Kind Regards


    Sage UK Technical support

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    I installed over version 25 but its installed separate P11d icon, its all working now thanks  but engineers don't do private mileage, don't look as its worth using at all. They use work vans which are solely for work purposes.-please confirm

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