Just installed v28 but when making any changes it isn't letting me save.  The box below pops up and the only way to get out of it is to select "no"?

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    I have also had this problem. I emailed Sage and received this response

    We have found an issue with some data sets where they are missing a field in the company car record that was removed quite some years ago.  This field hasn’t been required until this year so it’s now causing the failure to save. 

    The fix is a single change in the database, and we can do this via data repair, but we have an update planned for the end of the week that will upgrade and write this change in,. 

    If you can let me know if you need the data repairing or prefer to wait until the end of the week for the update. I’ll ensure you are contacted as soon as it is released.

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    Thanks, that's very helpful. Can't believe we have to wait until the end of May to get the software and then its got bugs in it, quality stuff LOL.

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    We have identified in some older data sets an issue with the Company car record and we can fix this via a data repair option, but are creating a new version to automate this.

    The product itself if fine and all new records and databases are not having this issue, but unfortunately older data sets that have been upgraded can at times contains issues that surface on upgrade. 


    Steve Watmore

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    Steven, my product is not "fine", you can call it what you want but it doesn't work. I have clients chasing me for their P11Ds, I still cant prepare them, it's so unprofessional. Sage charge a lot of money for this product, I would expect better.

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    Hi CPAC , 

    I appreciate the issues you have are not what you should expect from the software. My explanation is the software itself is working on new but agree that it has an issue on some upgraded data sets and we are are working to address this.  

    If you can contact me directly I can arrange this to be corrected via data repair straight away. 

    [email protected] 

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