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I have submitted our 2022-23 P11D return to HMRC and it has now been identified I have an additional Company car user.  I have added the new employee to my data in V28 and generated a P11D for the employee and reprinted all my reports.  Can I resubmit the total revised P11D Company calculation or do I just submit the new P11D to HMRC?  


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    When you send a P11D submission from your software to HMRC, HMRC mark your PAYE reference as having submitted. Due to this, it's not possible to send P11D corrections to HMRC from your software.

    To make your amendment, you need to use HMRCs online forms for any P11D that's changed. Also, if values on your P11D(b) have changed you must also resubmit this.

    For more information, and useful links to HMRC, visit our guide: how do I amend a P11D submission from 2022/2023? >

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