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V.27 has been working fine but just clicked on the icon today and it will not launch? I have tried to reinstall the software but nothing ? any suggestions?

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    I notice this query hasn't had a community response.

    With the software working previously I'd suspect that something has changed on your PC to cause this issue. The first step to test is a quick one, which is to right-click the icon for your P11D program and click Run as administrator.

    If the issue persists, check if there are any Windows updates waiting to be installed on your computer. If there are any, save any work you have open and install the updates, restart the PC then run the Sage 50 P11D installer as administrator to reinstall again.

    If this doesn't resolve the issue check that your security software such as anti-virus or firewall is configured to allow Sage P11D to run without any restrictions. If the issue still occurs after these steps, please contact Sage support.

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    John Howells
    Sage UKI