Error when submitting pension data


I have been unable to automatically submit the pension data via Sage Payroll for a few months and have had to enter the details manually. When i click submit data the only message i get is "There was an error sending your data to the service" and no further information.

I have followed all the steps listed on help articles to no avail and have hit a bit of a dead end.

Anything i may be missing? 



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    Ben, did you sort in the end? Having a similar experience currently.

    Gone through all steps and then contracted Technical support who remote accessed and couldn't see anything amiss so suggested that it cold be environmental - a conflict somewhere on my laptop and that they could do no more. I've tried to access whilst having firewall and core shields of virus software off but no difference. No error message whilst importing pension updates but then not confident that it is also doing this?

    Any help gratefully recieved.

    Using NEST if it is relevant.



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    The error message I'm getting is

    "There was an error sending your data to the service"

    "Internal Server Error"

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