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Hi, I've been uploading my pension info manually to Nest but am now trying to use the file upload.  When I go to 'send pension data' it comes up with years worth of info that I have to manually click date paid, even though I only want to export current week.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Julie,

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    There isn't a shortcut to set those dates all at once - and you'll need to go ahead and export the old data for those prior periods. Naturally you don't then need to upload those files to Nest if they've already got the contribution data.

    That said though, there's a couple of tips that might help speed it up a little that I can share:

    1. Send Pension Data creates exports up to the process date. Set the process date back to the pay date of the last period you uploaded to Nest, then click Send Pension Data > New export. That way, only obsolete data is included in Send Pension Data and you can mark it all as sent without having to watch out for the files you need.
    2. When you get to the list of Payment dates that you need to add for the data Nest already have, you can enter any date as these are obsolete and won't need uploading. So, you can click the calendar icon on the first one and select any date, then highlight it and press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy it. Then click into the next box down and press Ctrl + V to paste the date in there - repeat that in each date box to fill them all in.
    3. Export all the obsolete data then confirm them as sent in Confirm Previous.
    4. Once that's all done, set the process date to the latest period and run send Pension data again - it'll create the files you need this time, take care to enter the right Payment date(s) - Nest can confirm this if you're not certain what to enter.

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    John Howells
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    Thank you, your tips will certainly speed up the process.