I have a few employees who wish to add AVCs to their salary sacrifice pension; some are a percentage and some a fixed amount.

How do I apply these to ensure the correct treatment for tax and NI?

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    I have the same issue. AVC application is not salary sacrificed when applied. I have had to do this:

    1. Set up a second pension scheme (Company>Pension Schemes) as salary sacrifice called it "Employee AVC"
    2. Set the amounts as FIXED for Employee at £1 and FIXED for Employer at zero
    3. For this employee, go to Pensions>Manage schemes and only use the "Employee contributions box" for employee AVC amounts (you can change this to % if needed)

    Sage, hope you find a better solution to this. Our employees are given a contractual agreement for their AVC so we should be able to deduct this as salary sacrifice as an option.

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    Hi Sharon, thanks for your post. I'd certainly recommend adding the to the product Ideas Board so it can be considered for future development.

    Sage UKI

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