what date to put on P45


I have done my year end and i am now processing month 1 wages, our pay period is 1st to 31st March, pay date (processing date) is 14th April.

I have a couple of leavers in March, do i put the actual date they left (which is technically in the previous tax year) or should i use my processing date?

I'm just concerned of the confusion this may cause if the leaving date is in the previous tax year, but the P45 is for the new tax year.

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    I notice this query has slipped through without a community response, sorry for the late reply but I thought I’d pop something back to you.

    In this scenario, the leave date that you record must indeed be the actual date they left. The P45 should only show values up to their leave date, which would be for the 21/22 tax year. For further information on this scenario and how to process it, please visit our support page.

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    John Howells
    Sage UKI