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Hi all, we’ve been using sage accounting for a little while now and have been processing customer payments through stripe without any issues, however one customer tried to pay by Barclaycard Mastercard and when he attempted this, it was declined due to SCA. When I asked sage support about this they came back and said it was nothing to do with them, so I then spoke to stripe and they pointed the finger towards sage saying sca regulations will be coming into force very soon and that some card providers have already enforced this which is why it’s been declined! Nobody seems to be able to tell me what needs to happen, if it’s down to the api’s between sage and stripe, what has that got to do with my company? This surely is an internal programming issue that sage has to resolve? Has anyone else had this issue? How were you able to resolve this? 

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    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Sorry to hear you're having an issue with Stripe integration in Sage Accounting.

    We might need a little more information to be able to give the best steps.

    SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Was introduced in 2019 and since then, banks have been applying these additional verification steps to a portion of transactions.

    Our integration with Stripe supports SCA when your customer initiates the payment from the invoice themselves. If you initiate the payment from within Sage (as you would when taking a payment over the phone) this does not support SCA and these transactions can sometimes be declined. You can find more information about this here >

    Can you confirm which way the payment details are being entered?

    Was this a one off transaction or is this customers card being consistently declined?


    Sage UKI

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    The customer has tried it from within the invoice I sent to him by following the pay now link and using the online card system. Barclaycard have consistently declined the transaction due to the system not being sca approved. 
    i since decided to try another way and sent an invoice directly from the stripe dashboard, and that worked straightaway without any declines or further approval needed, which clearly points to a Sage issue with not having the updated API’s that sca require. 
    I also find it interesting the way that stripe support sent me an email containing the companies that have applied all the latest sca API’s and Sage is NOT on the list. Explain that one ! 

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    Thanks Justin, I've messaged you so I can get some more information, progress this, and look for a resolution.

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