Cannot allocate Transfer from customer set in EURO to my GBP account


I am invoicing a European company in Euros, and so I've set them up as a customer of mine with Euros as their currency.

Now I am coming to do my bank reconciliation, however, this customer is not appearing in the drop down for me to select.

This means I am unable to allocate this transaction at this stage.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance

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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for using Community Hub.

    Could I ask what you mean by bank reconciliation? Do you mean you're matching the payments in your bank feed incoming transactions to the invoices?

    If this is the case you can't pay Euro invoices using a GBP bank account. 

    You will need to make a note of the amount and the exchange rate on the transaction.
    Go to the invoice you want to pay and select Pay invoice.
    Enter the details, especially the exchange rate and Save.
    Once this is done you can discard the transaction from your bank feed. 

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    Steven Kay
    Sage UKI