Recurring Invoices - Not posted


Why have 90% of my recurring invoices not been raised or posted to the ledgers?   They are all still active have not been paused or have any outstanding actions.  

Any advice would be welcome

Thank you

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    Hi Julie,

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    We identified an issue in December, which unfortunately did not generate the recurring invoices for some of our customers. We've worked on a fix, but on this occasion, you'll need to delete the recurring invoice and set up the recurring invoice again.  In addition, if it has already surpassed the last invoice, you'll need to send out a manual invoice.

    Here's some extra help on setting up you recurring invoices again.

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    Sage UKI

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    Hi Zia, 

    Thank you for coming back to me so promptly.

    To be honest I feel a little disheartened , to delete the recurring invoice and set them up again, plus post invoices for the dates that have passed is an incredible amount of work.  

    It would have been helpful if Sage had contacted us when you identified the issue, so that we could have check this back in December. 

    I appreciate it is not your fault, but it does leave me with correcting the problem. 

    Thank you for your honesty

    Best wishes