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I would like to view an activity report that shows which tax codes and rates have been used - any other software automatically has these or you can add the fields but I can't in Sage One - is there a way of getting these reports.

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    While it may show that it has been VAT Reconciled - it still doesn't show the VAT code used - one of my jobs as a Bookkeeper - is not only ton reconcile the bank, but to check that the transactions entered by the client and others have been correctly entered - and to me Sage One has gone backwards not forwards as now I have to open each individual transaction to check - which is time consuming. Any other software I have used, and there has been lots in my 50 years as a Bookkeeper will show the tax code on a transaction or audit trail - even the free sorftwares show the tax code.

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    Hi Margaret,

    Thank you for getting back in touch with me.

    After looking further into your problem and what you are looking for, I would recommend creating a draft VAT Return for all of the transactions for that period, from there you can download a Detailed Report, which will show you all of the transactions the customer has entered and also which box they sit in within the VAT return. I have attached some articles below which can guide you on how to do the steps I have mentioned.

    Create and submit a VAT Return

    1. Follow the Create the VAT Return steps
    2. Click on the Generate Detailed report drop-down
    3. Follow the steps for Sava draft VAT Return

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