Importing Bank Statement


I'm trying to Import a bank statement CSV file I have created . This needs to be imported to a Directors Bank Account I have created .. 

The Help Page gives instructions below ...

  1. From Banking, select the bank account you want to import transactions to.
  2. From Actions select the drop-down arrow and Import statement.

HOWEVER ... I do not have an Actions option to drop down under this new bank account . My primary business account which has a Bank Feed set-up does have the Actions option ? Can I only import a statement to one bank account ? 

Many thx  

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    Hi Dale,

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    Only certain account types will have the option to import statements. There are 6 account types. Current, Savings and Credit Card are the only 3 you can import a bank statement with. If the account type on Sage Accounting is Cash, Loan or Other, you won't have the option to import a statement. You also can't change the account type once entered. 

    I would recommend you create a new account for your directors account and make sure to choose one of the 3 types that allow bank statement imports. 

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    Steven Kay
    Sage UKI