Sage Business Cloud – Growing with your business.

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Payroll Keeps Getting Better

As we start a new month, I think it is important to keep everyone up to date with how Sage Business Cloud is moving and growing as a technology, but also as a service. Our team works hard, ensuring you feel supported and listened to, especially during these uncertain times. Which is why, thanks to the great feedback we have received from our customers, we now support up to 50 employees in Sage Business Cloud Payroll!

Sage Business Cloud Payroll is no longer limited to a maximum of 25 employees. You can now choose the package that suits your needs; smaller employers can choose up to 5 employees or 6 to 10 employees. Medium employers can select 11 to 15 employees or 16 to 25 employees. And for our larger employers, we now have the new tiers; 26 to 35 employees and 36 to 50 employees. You can select any tier, at any time, without committing to one forever, as you can move up or down the tiers to reflect your business needs. Follow this guide to see how you can change between tiers.

We have also updated the way you can submit your pension contributions when your provider does not support online submissions. As requested, you can now download your pension contribution file in CSV format – making submissions quicker and easier. We really do value the feedback you give.

Changes to the Job Retention Scheme and the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme have meant that we have had to make changes to our payroll to ensure processing is kept as simple as possible. Please see our help site for details on how to process this, or if you need any further information, why not join our Q&A Live Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


We’ve Updated Accounts too

Along with the updates, support and guidance we have implemented the changes in VAT reduction in both the UK and Ireland. We’ve also made some improvements to Trial Balance report, giving you additional flexibility. Thanks to your feedback on the Ideas Portal, you can now run the report “as of” a specific date to get a snapshot of what your nominal ledger account balances were on that date. This will show values from the start of that account up to your chosen date. You can also hide accounts with zero balances, and by default this option is selected to make viewing your reports easier. You can click here to learn more about your Trial Balance.


Your Resources Are Still Here

We are always adapting to change, and we rely on your feedback to keep us developing in the right ways. If you have a few moments to spare, I greatly encourage you to Share Your Ideas, as well as vote on other customer’s ideas, so that we can continue to grow along with your business.

And please do not forget, we still have free training available to all our customers, which can be found at Sage University. I do encourage you to have a look to ensure you are making the most of your account, and truly getting to grips with what your data can tell you. There are courses for beginners in accounting, and new users of Sage Accounting to help you get up and running. I do recommend ‘Bookkeeping Essentials’ and ‘Get It Right from the Beginning’ to help you get going. Then once you are confident with the day to day processes, we have more advanced courses such as ‘Make Business Decisions Faster through Reporting and Analysis’, as well as our ‘Certified Assessment’ to help you build insight into the health of your business. Whatever your needs, Sage University can guide you through your learning experience, and help make processing your accounts quick and easy.

We also have a great library of guides and videos to talk you through, step by step processing. You can find this all in our Help Centre. Our guides go through every feature in your account in an easy and detailed way. So even if you are doing something for the first time, you can feel confident that you are doing it right. If you do need that extra confirmation or clarification, you can join our Q&A Live session Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, for quick answers to your questions. There are no queues, so your question will be answered in minutes – if not seconds. We also play demos throughout the day, so why not check our Q&A schedule to see what is happening today!