• Managing employees

    Learn how to work with new starters, leavers and existing employees in the Manage Employees support hub. Topics include: Dealing with starters Dealing with leavers Customise your employee list Working Patterns Update an employee's tax code…
  • Setting up and getting started

    New to Sage Payroll? Our getting started guides will help you to get up and running quickly. Topic covered include: Setting up Payroll Settings Payments and Deductions Reporting Pensions UK Help Centre > Republic Of Ireland Help Centre…
  • Making it even easier to get help and support!

    We've created a fantastic, new, Help Centre so everything you need is just one click away: Featuring: Support hubs for popular topics Simplified support guides Digital support assistant Video demos Free training Get in touch options …
  • Handling HMRC Tax Calculation Letters

    Have you or your employee received an HMRC tax calculation letter? These letters, also known as a P800 or a Simple Assessment letter, are issued by HMRC to employees who have either paid too much or too little tax by the end of the tax year (5 April…
  • Pension errors - Troubleshooting guides

    When submitting pension data there are a number of possible errors that can be reported. Our troubleshooting guides help you to narrow down the problem and resolve it quickly. Pension errors NEST > Pension errors Smart > Worth bookmarking these…
  • Bookmark your login page

    Save time when logging in to your cloud software by bookmarking the new Login Portal page. You can also use this page to access My Sage. Sage Login portal >
  • Anytime eLearning

    We have a number of interactive learning modules in Sage University to help you get the most from your software. Getting started Understand legislation How to run a payroll Pensions and Automatic Enrolment Error corrections Period end …
  • Customise your employee list

    You can now show, hide and reorder columns on your employee list view. This makes it easier to display your employee information the way you want it. For more information, read our customise your employee list article
  • Are you an accountant submitting to HMRC on behalf of your client?

    If you're an accountant, submitting on behalf of a client , you should enter your Agent submission details. Your client can use the 'Authorising your agent (64-8)' form to tell HMRC that they give authorisation for someone to act on their behalf for individual…
  • New: Correction improvements

    You can now choose whether to show the difference in net pay in the next pay run when you make corrections. This makes it easier to correct a completed pay run. For more information, read our correct a completed pay run article
  • Payroll Year End 2023

    Everything you need for a smooth Payroll Year End. Prepare Process Get ready for the new tax year. Visit the online help pages now >
  • Add employee finish dates as a bulk action

    You can now add finish dates as a bulk action for any employees who have left your company. This makes it easier to enter finish dates for multiple employees. For more information, read our dealing with leavers article >
  • Delete an employee record

    You can now delete the records of employees you've not processed in a pay run. This makes it easier to remove an employee record you've set up in error. For more information, read our create and edit employee records article >
  • Changing your email address

    From time to time you may need to change the email address you use when working with Sage Payroll. Good news! We've simplified this process, you can now do it yourself without the need to contact Sage. Find out how >