Not paying NI


My employee is not paying NI, have I made a mistake in setting up their pay elements?

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    Hi Danille,

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    Select the on the Settings tab and then Payments & Deductions. Now select the Payments tab, and the payment you are using for the employee.

    It will opens a window which displays the criteria for the payment. In the "Defined as" section it should confirm the payment is subject to National Insurance. 

    If this is the case, select the Employee tab, and then your employee. Check the date of birth. If it makes the employee under 16 years of age then NI won't be deducted.

    Check the NI category is correct for the particular employee.

    Lastly, how much is the employee being paid? If they are weekly paid and the amount is under £242, or monthly paid and the amount is under £1048 they won't be paying NI if they are Category A. 

    You can test if the payment  amount is causing the issue by  changing the amount to a high value and seeing if NI is deducted.

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