Nest pension set up


I’m hopeful some one can advise trying to add Nest to my payroll and continually getting messages below, any help greatly appreciated.

This member cannot be enrolled with this enrolment type. If you still want to enrol this member please select a different enrolment type and try again.

The scheme join date cannot be in the future.

Thanks in advance.


    Hi David, 

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    This error occurs when the submission you are sending includes an enrolment file with an employee who has already been enrolled on NEST. 

    I'm attaching the help article that will give you the steps to get this sorted and your NEST pension and Sage Payroll up to date!

    Just find the error message "This member cannot..." in the article and open it up

    NEST help article

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    David Bulman

    Sage UKI