accessing payroll


I am admin for sage payroll, but when i try to log it , an error message is displayed saying i need to contact my admin?

Can anyone advise me how to fix this?

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    Hi Stephen,

    thanks for using Community Hub.

    I can see in your account you have already spoken to our help centre regards this issue.

    I trust it is now resolved.

    For the benefit of any other customers who read your post I will document the steps to try.

    • Type into the browser address bar.

    Hit ENTER on the keyboard and log in as usual.

    If that works you can add the page to your favourites.

    Use it to log into payroll going forward.

    If the problem persists:

    • Clear the browser cache and cookies

    Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Support

    Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help

    If the problem persists:

    • Use your browser incognito function

    In the top right of your browser will be 3 dots.

    Select  these and the 3rd option down is either New in-private window or New Incognito window.

    Select whichever option applies to you.

    In the address bar type and hit ENTER.

    Log in as usual.

    Kind regards,


    Sage UKI