When should Wk1Mth1 be ticked on Bus Cloud payroll?  Is it only during the first month of employment or should it be ticked when a new tax code (for an existing employee) is received - and remain ticked until the end of the tax year?


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    For a new starter with a P45, there is an indicator which tells you to use week1/month1 or not.

    The indicator is after box 6 but before box 7.

    Entering a P45 form

    If the employee has no p45, you would use a P46 declaration.

    Please read the Previous Tax Details section in the article link below.

    Create and edit employee records.

    Select the P46  circumstance which bets matches your new employee.

    Once the week1/month1 box is ticked within the employee record you only change it if you are instructed to by HMRC.

    This may come in the form of a P6 or P9, instructions for processing these are in the article link below.

    Update an employee's tax code (P6 or P9)

    If you receive a tax code change notice from HMRC which doesn't indicate the week1/month1 should be ticked, you would untick this within the employee record if it is already ticked.

    If you receive a new tax code change for an employee which has the letter  X in the tax code, this also indicates a week1/month1.

    You don't enter the X into the tax code field like you do with a 1275L tax code.

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    Thank you both for the responses.

    When I am back in the office tomorrow I will check the paper notification from HMRC and then use the information supplied accordingly.


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