Summary Payroll Reporting between dates


Our financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June and we need 1 report with summary payroll figures per pay run between these dates, to update out accounts. 

Date    Gross  PAYE  USC   PRSIee  PRSIer

1 July 2020 .....

7 July 2020 ....

All the reports I have seen are at employee level and must be run per pay run. This would be 52 reports.

The alternative is the Year End Report, which will give details per employee. These would need to be run twice for each employee. Then the data would need to be queried to get the summary information. 

- Can a Summary Payroll Report with a date range be added to the product so that I provide summary data for our annual accounts ?

- Can export payslip data in csv for a data range be added to the product so that I can create the report for my account ?

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