How can I delete an unused company from the payroll logon screen?

I have closed one of my companies and no longer need to see the company path on the login screen of payroll. How can I delete this please?

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    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for using Sage City. 

    Have you cancelled your Sage Payroll account? If you have not, you can click here to Cancel your Payroll Subscription (opens in a new window). 

    When you say you "no longer need to see the company path on the login screen" are you referring to your email and password automatically populating the login fields?If you wish to remove these details from automatically appearing, you will need to clear your autofill settings in the web browser that you use to log in. 

    If this has answered your question, please click More > Verify Answer.



    Sage UKI

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    Thanks for the reply Dane. I had to call support for a different issue and they deleted the company for me. 

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