Importing EEDetails file Error


Hi there,

We are currently working on importing employee data to a new (test) company in Sage Payroll ( and following the instructions here -

I am getting the below error message on screen despite following the guide step by step.

Error Message

Does anyone have any experience with this and where to find errors? I am happy to share more details if needed. I've been working on an API for pulling timesheets down from our third-party HR package and was asked to assist with setting up a test company on Sage Payroll for testing automating the data flow from the HR package to Payroll.

Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    This message typically means that there is a problem with the .CSV file. Either when it can’t find entries to import, or there’s a problem with the .IMP file itself, so Sage Payroll doesn’t know how to process the information.

    Make sure the .CSV file is saved as a .CSV file, that it doesn’t contain headers and that it matches the information in the .IMP file. Also, make sure that any leading zeroes on the employee codes are entered (e.g. 0001 instead of 1). 

    You should also check that the .IMP file is set up correctly and that it has the right path to the data saved in it. You can find an example IMP file in our Data Import guide. 

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